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  • À propos de barrières d'intimités à respecter, d'algorithmes et de plate-forme Tech

    J’ai encore un compte Facebook pour gérer la page @chardonsbleus.org / @okcinfo.news Hier je vais faire mon tour hebdomadaire pour voir si la page à besoin d’attention et je switch sur la section vidéo de FB et je tombe sur la vidéo d’Amélie Nothomb sur un bout (tragique) de sa vie … read more

  • Je me serais bien piné ce tweet :

    Mentions Likes Mutus News

    a blue magestic bird hovering down from the bluesky, in the bottom of the image, one can see leafs and the ground
  • The Mollusk hostile acquisition of #Twitter remains one of the biggest destruction of collective digital #memory in recent #History.

    One that will go down as one of the saddest and most toxic takeover of an ecosystem in the history of the web.

    #ElonMusk is a parasite in every sectors, not a genius.

  • Breaking down a internet illusion built on thin air but with a convincing voice.

    A Brief Look at Jordan Peterson


  • I don’t care which books you burn, but if you’re going to hurn religious holy books, I say, burn them all. Not just the one’s that aren’t your religion, take one of each and burn them equally. They all suck equally. Each one of them are used to control humans in one way or the other. #coercion

  • Émeute en France, déni d'une société en péril.

    Je crache ce texte en mode un peu coup de gueule sur ce qui tourne en loop sur quelques médias, quelques chaînes de TV et quelques “personnalités politiques” qui se la joue “bon père de famille”, sans parler d’un certain syndicats neofasciste près à partir en guerre … read more

  • Having a fight against #Firefox freaking out when entering a locally mounted #webdav folder, from which Firefox should simply read the damn file and upload it.

    Instead? Total freeze of Firefox and to some degree the entire system. It’s absurd!

  • “Jesus Christ was crucified for preaching without a police permit”


    Robert A. Heinlein, a stranger in a strange land.

  • I read this some 20 years ago : Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein 📚 and I find it fascinating how much I missed parts of it, I also noticed how it influenced me, how I took upon myself to learn and “grok” to discover the world, well, part of it at least :)

  • It’s amazing how one single “blank space” in one config file can stall an automation workflow 😅

  • So…what do we do about the fact, the open nature of the web and alternatives to corporate “social media” are being mined to train #LLM’s and ultimately, exclusively for profit endeavors, that don’t give a damn about IP much less people’s created value over time.

    How can we coexist?
  • Damn, had my #Arch laptop so outdated, took me a few hours to bring it to the present time.

  • Sad to hear Daniel Ellsberg has passed away. He was behind Pentagon Papers and a lot of “Good Trouble” #RIP

  • Spent a few hours upgrading #Funkwhale to 1.3.0, had some issue with the version tag, but did managed to upgrade postgres, migrations ✅ but still having an issue with #nginx while at the same time… My nginx appears to be running.. Will check tomorrow with a rested brain 😅

  • Overjoyed Melon Puffbird 😂

  • It’s now a thing, we have raining #plastic plasticforecast.com

  • J’écoute “L’Heure bleue” sur Radio France, l’histoire de Geneviève Fraisse, mai 68, fémininisme www.radiofrance.fr/franceint…

  • Finished reading: Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell 📚

  • Wireless Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones🎧

    Finally got my Wireless Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones🎧 and I must say I’m quite surprised, this is really cool, I can even run, they don’t fall, I don’t have to try to make them fit my ridiculously small ear hole that refuse any earbuds, yes even the smaller size… With … read more

  • Do you know how platforms like Twitter or Reddit are killing themselves by the choices they’re doing?

    That’s also happening to Democracies, both by choices being made and lack of actions being taken.