The future of social networks is bright, provided People remain in control of the realm

The Fediverse is an ecosystem of software, apps and tools built on top of a decentralized protocol called ActivityPub, it comes in many shape and forms and the ecosystem is evolving every day.

This page is opinionated, this is my selection of tools after a few years on the fedi, other people will have different opinions based on their usage, this is the result of my experience since 2016.

This page is a work in progress, I will update it with more software I tested and other interesting tidbits related to how the Fediverse is evolving.

this blog runs on and also support ActivityPub, hence Mastodon, it’s an amazing way to enter the fediverse and the indieweb !


I’m testing Calckey at and I’m selfhosting a Calckey instance for IRL friends too

Mastodon Top Tools & Must Try

If you’re just joining : pick Calckey to enter the fediverse

it’s the nicest UI and comes with great native (PWA) experience, both on desktop & mobile


access the content of your mastodon feed sorted by different algorithmic views

follow graph explorer

interesting tool to create mastodon digest

Handy extension to make interacting on mastodon easier ! Mastodon List Manager


best desktop client

cool tweetdeck like tool

interesting tool that merge indieweb and fedi

Flipboard is embracing both bluesky & mastodon & news, its an interesting take!


king client for iOs

nice app

consume all kinds of feeds, not just fedi

nices client for android

advanced features client for android


Instagram like alternative with an amazing UI and smooth mobile apps


Briefly tested it, it’s interesting single-user approach to participating in the fedi with a low-impact/costs server