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  • ActivityPub 1.0.0 for WordPress is released

    Activate it and your WP blog can now be followed in the fediverse, and receive replies back as comments.

  • Currently reading this interesting take : The Fediverse has a Mental Health Problem by @thisismissem@hachyderm.io


  • Wow #BBC joining the #fediverse


  • Another interesting #mastodon tool

    Combine Remote And Local Timelines


  • The whole point of the #fediverse is to enable “mutual coexistence” on top of a protocol that everyone can build with. We don’t need to agree on everything & we won’t but we can speak & understand each other on the same layer. It’s beautiful ❤️

  • Reading :

    #ActivityPub, #Fediverse and the Future of social networks


  • In many ways, issues of moderation (even basic ones) are way worst on Bluesky than on the fediverse, yes, for the simple reason that fediverse is powered by people, Bluesky has millions in store to treat itself with a proper T&S team and it choose not to. Repeatedly.

  • Let’s not leave #Google decide in private on the future of robots.txt in the context of #AI #LLM’s, join this list and make sure #fediverse voice is heard!


  • Damn,

    ActivityPub + Solid = ActivityPod activitypods.org

    This has a huge potential to streamline our abilities to use different fediverse apps with the same identity…

  • Tweetdeck will be behind bars in 30 days.

    And now the veteran Tweetdeck is going behind Blue “Verified” jail in less than 30 days.. It’s really great how Musk keeps destroying #Twitter More people for the fediverse, like it or not, but this has been the best catalyzer to move people away from big tech. Yes Meta will retain … read more

  • The birdsite : how it’s going versus what’s coming to hunt the Mollusk nights.

    The Fediverse will thrive just fine, people will take control the way they want but one thing is very clear, #Meta is coming to Mwitter self-suicide.

    Twitter absurd limiting rules edicted by the Mollusk today Apparently this is Project92 screenshota from today.

  • #Emissary is a new kind of #social app that natively connects to the #Fediverse and the #IndieWeb. This site is a resource for #developers and #designers who are building Emissary #apps, or contributing to the core #server. Please visit emissary.social : emissary.dev

  • Tragic story, I’m still hurt, not because I didn’t find my own ways to build my feed reader (and have been using consistently ever since) but this story encapsulate the blindness of big tech better than anything else.

    And 2 decades later, guess how I’m consuming the most out of Reddit and now Kbin/Lemmy and the fediverse? An RSS feed reader, that’s right!

    Add to it a dash of webmentions and social reactions, without owning the social graph and you have probably the direction at which the open web is heading to, right now.

    And this time, neither, Google, Facebook or Reddit or Twitter will be part of it, because they are blind but above all because people want something else.

    And they want to define and own it.

    Who killed Google Reader? Ten years after its untimely death, the team that built the much-beloved feed reader reflects on what went wrong and what could have been.


  • Must Read!

    #Project92 and the #Fediverse - A Smarter Battle Plan to Protect the Open Social Web


  • What if HackerNews got into the ActivityPub bandwagon ?

    Thinking about Hacker News but sprinkled with #activitypub imagine being able to reply and participate in any #HN post from the #fediverse and with #webmentions have fediverse comments mingled with native HN activity. Nodebb Discourse + Lemmy #kbin and we shift the balance back in the open web. read more

  • 40% of subs that have pledged to go dark are still private/restricted. After more than 10 days. /u/spez struck a dormant nerve and it’s just the beginning of the inevitable multi stage #reddit exodus to fediverse. There will be more. 😼

  • Heh that’s kinda original : MOP3 a #mastodon to pop3/smtp gateway.

    Tldr: use your email to Interact with the #fediverse 😂


  • Python & ActivityPub, initial research

    A bunch of Python related ressources and ActivityPub Implementations These are examples of ActivityPub server implementations written in Python: ActivityPub Example: An example of an ActivityPub server implementation written in Python. dsblank/activitypub: Prototyping a Python ActivityPub … read more

  • Turn your WordPress multi author site into multi identities on the #fediverse

    Plugin #activitypub for #wordpress


  • Reading : Don’t tell people “it’s easy”, and six more things #Kbin, #Lemmy, and the #fediverse can learn from #Mastodon