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  • fabulous amount of work for the release of Mastodon 4.2.0 It’s great to see Mastodon improve!

  • Well… To encourage conversation, Twitter-like platform Pebble—formerly T2—now suggests AI-generated updates for users to edit or post. It’s also opening sign-ups to anyone with an account on X.


  • ActivityPub 1.0.0 for WordPress is released

    Activate it and your WP blog can now be followed in the fediverse, and receive replies back as comments.

  • I’m so hopeful for the federated social web when I read and watch incremental gains like the ones @snarfed is doing

  • Je vous balance une surprise en primeur là : de la haute qualité, plus de 2 ans de travail, un produit léché autant sur mobile que sur desktop, si t’aimes les #livres, rendez-vous sur bookvillage.app

    lancement officiel demain !

    #secondesmains #bouquins #vente #occasions

  • Mastodon is Rewinding the Clock on Social Media — in a Good Way | by Charles Chen


  • Comment segmenter un compte Bluesky bilingue et n'en retenir que le Français ?

    Je n’ai pas encore fait des customs feeds segmenté par langues sur mes news bots bilingues, mais imaginons que vous avez envie de vous farcir @Sciences mais qu’en français pour l’exercice de ce tuto ! La recette est plutôt simple, voici les ingrédients : Un App Password que vous … read more

  • Sources des podcasts inclus sur le compte Podfeed sur Bluesky

    the Pod Feed sur Bluesky Pour le suivre : @podfeed Sources Ça Va Bien S’Passer RSS URL: Ça Va Bien S’Passer RSS Code source RSS URL: Code source RSS L’apéro du Captain RSS URL: L’apéro du Captain RSS La Menstruelle RSS URL: La Menstruelle RSS Le Coeur sur la … read more

  • Comment accéder à tous mes news bots sur Bluesky

    Liste des bots que je fais tourner sur Bluesky Ceci est une liste non exhaustive de compte bluesky thématique ou de veille média que j’ai mis en place sur bluesky ou que j’ai aidé à mettre en place depuis quelques mois. Dans tous les cas, l’information, le titre, l’image, la … read more

  • Something to ponder : what will be the impact of social media fragmentation on the next US elections (and not just US) indeed, Twitter has been the backbone of US elections since at least 2008, even more since then. What’s for 2024?

  • Hmmm @manton just to let you know that something must have changed at Nostr because cross-posting is broken since June 3, it was working fine though prior to that date.

  • Not sure everyone is aware but #Spoutible? With it’s mobile app? (iOs coming next week) it’s sleek, it’s fast, it’s fun and it’s well moderated!!

    The only thing anyone here will miss is their community and friends but the people over there are really neat, really cool!

  • Turn your WordPress multi author site into multi identities on the #fediverse

    Plugin #activitypub for #wordpress


  • Reading now…

    Of Course #Mastodon Lost Users Scalloped growth is not evidence of a platform in decline.


  • More than 6,600 subreddits have gone dark to protest #Reddit API changes

    Many subreddits are going private from June 12th to June 14th in response to Reddit’s updated API pricing. Some indefinitely. www.theverge.com/2023/6/12…

  • Yup that’s a valid #bluesky invite First to get it, gets it!


  • Handy for Redditers exploring the threadiverse! #reddit

    Guide to Finding #Lemmy Communities (Subreddits) tech.michaelaltfield.net/2023/06/1…

  • Is there a mobile #android app for kbin.social ? #reddit #threadiverse

  • “This creates an even deeper level of exclusivity for the followers following them. To put it crudely, with QAnon, there are cults inside cults inside cults inside cults; it’s the ultimate cult-ception, and social media made it possible.”

    Amanda Montell