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  • @manton different post.

  • @rmdes @manton for some reason this post wasn't cross-posted, at all, both on Mastodon, Bluesky but went fine to Nostr 🤔

  • @manton feel free.. by the way my latest went through..

  • @rmdes @manton anything I can do to have cross-post available to Bluesky again?

  • @aaronpk 😅

  • @aaronpk my English isn't so good, and not my primary language.. so I always thought that it meant literally for the email to arrive in the inbox well (not in spam) , and not about the state, well-being of the receiving end 😅

  • @manton Oh damn, my bad, I was looking everywhere but in there !! it's done :) Thank you !!!

  • @manton confirmed

  • @manton ohhh interesting.. will confirm with a test

  • @rmdes @manton any idea why multiple Markdown links now do not get posted to Bluesky? Only the first one get through, I used to be able to make a list of 10 items, and it would cross post nicely, did anything change bluesky side perhaps ?

    demo: bsky.app/profile/r...

  • @ericgregorich no, it all went smooth, absolutely no disruption whatsoever, good job!

  • @ericgregorich Yup just saw and upgraded, will follow also your guide to better implement h-card to my blog, thanks for this theme I love it!

  • @ericgregorich definitely using it and very happy and willing to test stuff as needed!

  • @Velvetshadow ça va, avec micro.blog je centralisé ici et je cross-post sur Bluesky et Mastodon mais pour les notifs.. c'est pas évident.. surtout quand multi comptes.. genre

  • @hunterward there goes your first social comment!

    welcome to micro.blog, the place where blogging is fun and social!

  • @manton working smooth now, thanks !!

  • @manton it started a few hours ago, maybe some 6h ago, I did several post that didn't go through and I thought it was a problem on my post formating and only went to look at the log when I sent you the message

  • @manton thanks for the workaround, apparently the site now loads from the last rebuild, but continuous rebuilds from newly added RSS articles is still broken, I think he sent another email 🙏🏽

  • @manton thanks so much! he says he can reformat the feed any way he wishes but is not sure what to improve on the rss feed since it's a typical RSS 2.0 compliant rss feed with channel, items, title, description, only thing he did was to force a link to source builtin the description field

  • @manton failed to Unmarshal YAML : yaml line 15: could not find expected ':'

    he says his html looks normal, post use image tag, a img tag inside a p element, use src, finishes properly with closing > followed by text and at the end a source link with a element using href and closing </a>