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  • Mes boulangeries préférées à Bruxelles :

  • Ya un brouillon sur mon blog, ça s’appelle : Carrefour de vie, digital et judiciaire je n’ose pas publier ce que j’ai écrit en fait.

  • Moving 55GB from one #nextcloud to another, from #cloudron to another cloudron stack sharing the same SSHfs storage box, this is so easy it’s a delight 😊

  • Ironic & sad that Gab, Parler, Gettr, Truth Social all wanted to become the next far-right / fundamentalist platform but in the end, former Twitter morphed into Mwitter than into X = a 4chan clone with monetization worth shit because we left. it’s inevitable now.

  • Would be quite neat to have an RSS feed from the #microblog bookmark page…

    Maybe that’s included in the Premium @manton ?

    I want to be able cross-post my Bookmarks, using the title+link I use N8N but without RSS it’s a bit more pain to play this out :)

  • Morning… Bonjour… Bom dia…

  • Odd bug in the android mobile app?

    I’m trying to understand…. why should I have to select my default blog when I want to publish? The selector (in the official android app) is always positioned on my test blog which I mostly never use or only to test theme changes… so if I’m distracted I might publish to my … read more

  • Spoutible about to launch its mobile apps in the coming days!

  • Un doc ARTE super intéressant, mais aussi dur à voir : Adeptes, de l’emprise à la déprise - La vie en face ARTE - dérives sectaires uptostream.eu/1kujb8whw…

  • Liberating Ourselves: The Call for Action Over Idolization

    Influencers, geniuses, self-made men’s myths In a world captivated by the allure of heroes, gurus, and stars, it is time to relinquish our addiction and embrace the power within ourselves. Instead of lavishing admiration upon others and becoming ensnared by the mirage of projected qualities, … read more

  • Have been playing with my #rpi400 both for python learning and watching some movies!

  • Relay : Standard Template Construct: Store and Search The Entirety of Human Knowledge

    I’m storing this here because people need to find this and have access to this and help relay this, it’s too important that knowledge be shared and accessible. Pasted from Reddit Scihub sub https://www.reddit.com/r/scihub/comments/12detqs/standard_template_construct_store_and_search_the/ … read more