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  • 40% of subs that have pledged to go dark are still private/restricted. After more than 10 days. /u/spez struck a dormant nerve and it’s just the beginning of the inevitable multi stage #reddit exodus to fediverse. There will be more. 😼

  • Heh that’s kinda original : MOP3 a #mastodon to pop3/smtp gateway.

    Tldr: use your email to Interact with the #fediverse 😂


  • Python & ActivityPub, initial research

    A bunch of Python related ressources and ActivityPub Implementations These are examples of ActivityPub server implementations written in Python: ActivityPub Example: An example of an ActivityPub server implementation written in Python. dsblank/activitypub: Prototyping a Python ActivityPub … read more

  • Turn your WordPress multi author site into multi identities on the #fediverse

    Plugin #activitypub for #wordpress


  • Reading : Don’t tell people “it’s easy”, and six more things #Kbin, #Lemmy, and the #fediverse can learn from #Mastodon


  • Webinar : Mitigating #DDOS in the #Fediverse with #Mastodon


  • So I have been cross-posting from my blog to Twitter, Mastodon, Bluesky, Nostr (granted I don’t have the same number of followers on each) but the point is : where I get the most interactions is on the #fediverse. This is written from my micro.blog blog.rmendes.net

  • Lemmy Communities Browser, an attempt to map corresponding #reddit subs to their fediverse home.


  • Wishing I could use self-hosted ntfy.sh to have like a unified interface for notifications, no matter where they come from: Mastodon, Lemmy, Kbin, pixelfed

    TLDR : the ability to route any fediverse social app notification’s to one single interface.

  • What ? the fediverse is too much? too many instances, identities or tools ? check this out!

    Looking for a way to handle many different fediverse tools such as mastodon, lemmy/kbin, pixelfed and what not all from one single place : ferdium.org Use Ferdium custom sources and prep it to have these different tools accessible in one shot, it’s just much easier to manage the diversity of … read more

  • Interesting… #fediverse #news #content discovery


  • A #n8n node for #bluesky would be really really cool to move some feeds over there from Twitter #wishlist

    (already present on the #fediverse)