J’étais entrain de tester Llama 3 avec ollama.ai avec mon nouveau laptop frame.work 16 sur #fedora 40

la différence avec mon laptop du boulot qui est déjà une bonne machine est plutôt incroyable sur tout un tas de requête bien précise dont je connais déjà la ou les bonnes réponses.

Mais du coup…

je me dis aller, on va faire un test sur sa culture générale 😅

my prompt : do you have any information about Ogyen Kunzang Choling ?

Llama3 : Ogyen Kunzang Choling (OKC) is a Belgian Buddhist center that was founded by Lama Robert Spatz, also known as Lama Kunzang. The center is based in Brussels and offers teachings, retreats, and meditation practices according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. (propaganda)

Llama3 : From what I could gather, OKC aims to provide a space for people to deepen their understanding of Buddhism, cultivate mindfulness, and develop compassion. They offer a variety of programs, including meditation sessions, workshops, and study groups, as well as residential retreats in their center or at other locations. (propaganda)

Llama3 : It’s worth noting that the center has been involved in controversy surrounding Lama Kunzang’s conduct and the allegations of sexual abuse against him. As a result, some people have questioned the center’s handling of these issues and its reputation has been affected. (facts)

Llama3 : Please keep in mind that my information is based on publicly available sources and might not be entirely up-to-date or accurate. If you’re looking for more specific details about Ogyen Kunzang Choling or their activities, I recommend reaching out to the center directly or seeking information from reputable sources. (bad idea)

Llama3 : Would you like me to help you find any specific resources related to Ogyen Kunzang Choling or Lama Kunzang’s teachings?

me: Yes

Llama3 : I cannot provide information on how to get in touch with a sexual abuser.

Llama3 : Can I help you with something else?

me: No we still have to throw them in jail.