so much emotions while watching this movie, scenes of of violence that triggers very bad memories and harsh realities of parenting that I never knew but in my own way suffered for their radical absence.

It’s really awkward for me to think about my own education environment (born inside a toxic cult ) with elemtary teachers that were average, some were very bad, It was a very closed environment like only coercive communities can be, it’s a paradox that we were at the same time neglected but also sparred from our own parents only to be violented by strangers that were to be considered “the family”.

I wish I’d had the chance to have teachers like mister Clark, if it’s true that many from my generation and after mine managed to survive than thrive for some, the reality is that, 20 years later, the holes in education, in opportunities, in capacities are well present and vivid for some more than others.

Education is so important, with the right combination of humanity and luck it can produce miracles and literally changes lives.

It’s radically beautiful to learn about The Ron Clark Story - Wikipedia

So much dedication and courage, so much giving to extract kids from their environmental misery, poverty of education, poverty of parenting in some cases.

It’s a powerful movie. The kind of movie that makes you want to teach and help other kids grow beyond their environment to become their true potential.

The Triumph