I keep coming back to this book because, it’s literally a gem everyone should read and I think parents should give it to their teenagers and friends to their friends in any obvious spiritual quest of their own.

This book is like a detoxification manual for the internet age and the era of shared delusions amplified by influencers and gurus 2.0

It’s a must read to, actually stay grounded, and navigate what’s inevitably around us with a working BS detector.

“Less than a decade after #Instagram launch, thousands of astrologers, self-help sages, and holistic wellness guide like Bentinho Massaro and Teal Swan, who might have never even developed (much less monetized it), use apps and algorithms to spread their gospel.

These digital gurus fulfill modern America’s renewed demand for New Age ideas with images of tarot reading, updates in the cosmos, and abstract talks of frequency fields and galactic perspectives.”

Amanda Montell