Influencers, geniuses, self-made men’s myths

In a world captivated by the allure of heroes, gurus, and stars, it is time to relinquish our addiction and embrace the power within ourselves. Instead of lavishing admiration upon others and becoming ensnared by the mirage of projected qualities, let us cultivate the very attributes we so eagerly attribute to others - but within our own selves.

Imagine a world transformed from its current state, spellbound by the influence of heroes, stars, and gurus, into one where we embody the virtues we admire so deeply. All too often, we lack discernment and become victims of our own projections, ensnared by the gaslighting of our misplaced admiration.

It is time for us to cease our delusions of dependency on others and awaken to our own boundless potential. In doing so, we can dismantle the hierarchies of heroes, gods, masters, and gurus that have long held us captive.

We need not rely on external forces to fill the void within us. Instead, let us be filled with the actions and thoughts that embody the very qualities we once projected onto others. In doing so, we can forge our own paths of empowerment and become the architects of our own destinies.