As long as there is no official Publication on the communication organs of @ShechenDkf
@DKFShechen and on the communication organs of the 3 Kangyur brothers of #Dordogne, (KRF Foundation) with a formal announcement to the OKC by registered letter in its center in Brussels,

France and Spain at Robert Spatz, The "exit" of Rabjam Rinpoche and his Khenpo Tsheten from the OKC on the sly will have no weight and will remain in the annals of the hypocrisy of Tibetan Buddhism when it is confronted with serious chronic and structural dysfunctions as it

is the case since at least the 70s, with the sectarian drift #Shambhala, the sectarian drift #RIGPA and the sectarian drift Ogyen Kunzang Choling.

It is not enough to do what is possible in this case, it is necessary to do the impossible, because for such crimes,

only the impossible would be equal to the damage and suffering suffered by the victims, terrible suffering that even the documentary, our podcasts, or a future book would only be a glimpse of the real lived by the victims, and the weight that some will carry for life,

suffering that has been articulated thanks to and through Tibetan Buddhism.

This legitimizing documents have been used and abused by @OgyenKun since 1997 and used in courts by the organization to defend itself against allegations of criminal abuses.…