Dear @tricyclemag
this, is simply not true, you did not do proper diligence, you're simply relaying the OKC propaganda, it would have cost nothing to check your facts before publishing this "imperfect" review.

Spatz NEVER spent 6 years in India. at most weeks to buy folklore.

Also this is, another way to use the reality to shield Tibetan Buddhism from its own responsibilities :

Abuses inside Tibetan Buddhism, are known fact since the 70's , pretending that the documentary or the trials are the source of the TB's knowing about abuses is selective.

Also this is incorrect, today Ricard does acknowledge that he did receive these documents and use the excuse of allowing the Justice to do its job to explain the silence of the TB's

This again does not justify silence & lack of support from 2010 to 2022. #ImperfectReview

Matthieu Ricard, usage of the alleged "misleading" of the documentary is just another excuse, everyone knows that investigative journalism, very often have to shield itself to just be allowed to actually talk to the different people concerned.

Your review @tricyclemag fails to acknowledge, that in 2019, MR visit OKC France with OKC "spiritual director" in 2019, during the trials, without both having ever just made 1 min of effort to contact the victims of the abuses that enfolded in Nyima-Dzong, OKC France.

This below must why the @dalailama endorsed and visited RIGPA's Sogyal Rimpoche "center" in 2008 with the at the time French President and the entire crème of the French Buddhist world, including Rabjam Rimpoche, at the time already OKC "spiritual director"

You may not know it, but @DalaiLama logically (since 1993 meeting was partially provoked by Sogyal behavior already at the time) so the DL knew.

A disgrace is a very unethical and un-leadership way to very acknowledge the role of Sogyal as a Predator inside Tibetan Buddhism.

You @tricyclemag may not know, but we actually do, anyone with some remote knowledge on how to live in Western societies, abiding to laws know what to do :

- Leaders of RIGPA should have alerted the French Police, failing to do so is a crime in France

- A crime is a crime!

There is no such things as "misconduct", rape is rape, rape is criminal, period. there is no debate about this, what should happen ?

- Police
- Instruction
- Trial
- Judgement
- Condemnation

That's what happen when Institution put the Law above their doctrine
TB is not exempt

When allegations are proven, (which is the case of Spatz at least) the entire Institution has no excuse to NOT take a formal position and exclude the Criminal from leading, teaching or running a "tibetan buddhis center" that would be the bare minimum.

This @tricyclemag is again the same problem : you are putting the plight on the Student, as if like in our case @OKCinfor Children's and lost 70's hippies had ANY means to detect the fraud WHILE the Major Heads of Tibetan Buddhism were allowing Lama Kunzang to exist.

FYI @tricyclemag LAMA KUNZANG name is on the front-age of the website.
along with the picture and name of Rabjam Rimpoche. it should take you 2 min to confirm.

This @tricyclemag

I think it's time to stop pretending that billions of people around the planet do not know who and what is the @dalailama

During the entire inquiry that lasted 20 years, Tibetan Buddhist Heads kept visiting and teaching at OKC (even if OKC scrubbed website)

Maybe @tricyclemag should visit this link and do some actual research on how the OKC used and abused the Tibetans and how the Tibetan allowed this to happen without discernment, Archive :

Explore 20 years of the OKC Events

Our goal is certainly not to do this @tricyclemag
it is not up to civil society, much less victims to strengthen the Dharma, it's up to YOUR leaders to actually reform Tibetan Buddhism to abide to Laws, even in flawed democracies.

Stop using us to rebrand your Dharma, one that cannot be reformed because ultimately Vajrayana is a fundamentalist current that has nothing to do with Buddhism from Buddha.

You should know better. @WJBreports


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Also, we @okcinfor were not "students"
we were born and coerced into Tibetan Buddhism, it's literally the opposite of anything remotely tied to the word Student, which entails that someone made a decision to follow X or Y. @tricyclemag