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  • Bluesky related

    The amount of efforts to put in place all kinds of custom feeds for nippples and what not while avoiding creating algo powered custom feeds for racist/phobic content, kinda is an announcement in itself.

  • Something (among other things) #Spoutible is doing right : moderation, a lesson for #bluesky and also #mastodon!


  • Sustaining relationship talk… On Github… And yes it’s worth the read!

    “Scar Tissues Make Relationships Wear Out”

    04/26/2103. From a lecture by Professor John Ousterhout at Stanford, class CS142.


  • Morning… Bonjour… Bom dia…

  • Baking a healthy moderation strategy is a mix of communication and code

    This is just an example from another startup, with a team of 16, currently taking moderation very seriously, I’ve taken the liberty to copy it on my blog because I think it’s a great example that shows the very clear intentions at Spoutible regarding racism. Spoutible stance on … read more

  • Odd bug in the android mobile app?

    I’m trying to understand…. why should I have to select my default blog when I want to publish? The selector (in the official android app) is always positioned on my test blog which I mostly never use or only to test theme changes… so if I’m distracted I might publish to my … read more

  • A free licence to kill.

    At its core, the bill broadens when these companies are exempted “from liability for injury to or death of a crew resulting from spaceflight activities.”


  • “This creates an even deeper level of exclusivity for the followers following them. To put it crudely, with QAnon, there are cults inside cults inside cults inside cults; it’s the ultimate cult-ception, and social media made it possible.”

    Amanda Montell

  • The truth about the EU AI Act and foundation models, or why you should not rely on ChatGPT summaries for important texts


  • A #n8n node for #bluesky would be really really cool to move some feeds over there from Twitter #wishlist

    (already present on the #fediverse)

  • There seems to be an encoding issue with IndiePass and Micro.blog time-line / Discover tab.. I can’t really understand why some of the words, without special characters get all mangled out..

  • Whistleblower Drops 100 Gigabytes Of Tesla Secrets To German News Site: Report The files contain over 1,000 accident reports involving phantom braking or unintended acceleration–mostly in the U.S. and Germany. jalopnik.com/whistlebl…

  • So apparently Bluesky is adding a few hundreds of users from the invite list per day, they have +2M invites to send!

    The network is reaching 100K in a few days probably.

    Live Bluesky stats

  • I wish I could specify where to syndicate posts from the micro.blog Android mobile app. Only way for now is from the browser.

  • Spoutible about to launch its mobile apps in the coming days!

  • New superbug-killing antibiotic discovered using #AI


  • C’est le rôle des chiens de garde du Temple, ils viennent commenter en prétendant soutenir les victimes tout en faisant le prosélytisme de leur Temple, tout en faisant office de poutre maîtresse pour soutenir l’édifice qui a articulé les dérives et les crimes tout venant dire qu’il ne faudrait pas jeter le bébé avec l’eau du bain, ce faisant, ils démontrent systématiquement avoir plus d’intérêt pour le dogme que pour le sort des victimes, qu’ils/elles prétendent “soutenir” pour la forme, pas sur le fond. twitter.com/rMdes_/st…

    Et derrière tu sens bien, le petit sous entendu à la bouddhiste, où il faudrait certe dénoncer ces crimes qui “ne sont pas du Bouddhisme” mais sans trop déranger le Temple, sans trop faire de bruit ni de poussière, parce que, ces “grands pratiquants” voient d’un très mauvais œil que la poussière de ces crimes touchent leurs grands maîtres, évidemment toujours aussi parfait, même si ils ont été les premiers à se vautrer dans le manque de discernement.

    Les chiens du Temple, c’est presque pire que ces Bouddhistes qui s’en tapent ouvertement des dérives de leur religion, pire parce que sous le décor mielleux de leur compassion de pacotille, trône la fidélité absolue à leur dogme qu’ils font passer en philosophie de vie.

  • Very interesting resource ⬇️

    Production-ready Docker packaging for Python developers


  • Interesting but I wish I could build this with my existing feed reader (FreshRSS,Miniflux) we need self-hosted algorithms!

    Yakread uses a recommendation algorithm/“AI” to help you pick things to read. It’s designed to make reading long-form content as effortless as scrolling Twitter, while still leaving you in control of what you read.


  • Being here and there.. Or the complexity to broadcast from a single place (my blog) to several destinations : Twitter, Mastodon, Bluesky.

    I wish we could interrop better and unify interactions from one single app

  • We call for a world in which technology is built in service of humanity and where our global public square protects human rights above profits.



  • Ça va s’appeller, Association les chardons bleus. #okcinfo

    Non c’est pas le logo ni le visuel, mais je me marre à générer des idées avec #midjourney #AI

    thistle generated by Midjourney thistle generated by Midjourney

  • Damn, ELK is really really cool ! elk.zone #mastodon #UI

  • Generative AI: What You Need To Know is a free resource that will help you develop an AI-bullshit detector.

    This is really a lot of cool work : needtoknow.fyi/cards by Baldur Bjarnason

  • Blocking/Muting extremist or phobic content is not equal to moderation. These are tools to obfuscate content and users without a solution.

    Instead it allows platform’s to retain anyone, including nazi, terfs or phobic individuals that cannot imagine letting others love & live.