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Cloudron 6.1 released
Another amazing @cloudron_io release!


Really cool Tutorial live coding : Building an App for Cloudron - Matterbridge


[TUTORIAL] Building Cloudron Apps using's Ubuntu VM by

This is a neat tutorial to get Cloudron running on a VM !
the docker/cloudron build step from the tutorial can be used to build/install for cloudron any docker image that exist around !



Todo : I have a few LAMP containers that I have to upgrade to latest PHP version, that's how it's done on cloudron


Install Cloudron Locally

Home testing cloudron unstable apps

2 min read

A domain is required for Cloudron (even if it's local network). Port forwarding is optional (it's only required if you want your server accessible from outside).

Here's how you do it. The setup is much simpler if you have a programmatic DNS provider (like DO, Cloudflare, Route53 etc). If you don't have this already, I recommend that you setup some subdomain into say DigitalOcean's DNS. For this, you have to setup a DO account and add into DigitalOcean domains. Then setup NS records for to point to Digital Ocean. Please give some 30 mins for NS records to propagate. Once this done:

  • Install Cloudron on a VM
  • Domain setup
    • Put the domain as and set it up for DO DNS
    • Click on Advanced. Here, choose the Network Interface from the drop down and provide the network interface of the VM/server. Alternately, give it the static IP (give the local IP like or whatever it is).
    • If your main domain and the subdomain are on different DNS providers, then you have to put the zone name as
  • Finish setup - that's it!

What will happen is:

  • Cloudron will get LE certs via DNS. This is why the DO DNS setup was required. Without this, you will need port 80 forwarding for LE and it gets a bit complicated.
  • Cloudron will program your DNS with A entries of the local IP. So, will actually point to It's not publicly reachable.

Let me know if that works! Or if you have more restrictions in your setup.


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