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Welcome to my indieweb blog, this is a place where I stock Bookmarks, Articles I'm reading or on my list, short notes and longer articles about my different interests.

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Clubhouse on with the unofficial app is still a mess... Can't join a private room I created or can't find a public room I created, what am I doing wrong ?


Using Android focus mode, all the time now, meaning it is set for the entire day, and I decide when to take a break from focus mode for a determined amount of minutes a few times a day.
My numbers of unlock/notifications have dropped from several thousands a day to a few dozens per day, when I choose to be distracted.
I'm liking this reverse mode a lot, feeling better overall, less polluted by constant incoming news and notifications, curious to what's going to be the benefits over a longer period of time..


How to disable a specific android app's vibrations ? Took me a while to find this because tapping the text to find more settings never felt intuitive, it seems Samsungs default android ROM is trying to hide these settings from plain view, why ? I don't know but here goes the steps :


Having the weirdest experience with FreshRSS mobile, I can connect to my FreshRSS instance just fine, I see my feeds, folders, everything seems to work regarding syncing feeds, but... When I tape on any feed, even a new feed I'm adding, I can't read the items, there is nothing to read, as if the feeds were already read previously.

I tried to change accounts, even changed phone, but the issue remain and I have no idea how that's even possible..

If I use FeedMe or another FreshRSS compatible feed reader, I can explore and read my news sources just fine..

Anyone with the same experience?

FreshRSS (Client for FreshRSS ( -


ProtonMail : Apple used monopoly to hold us hostage

And Google doing the same with Android, albeit differently but essentially it's still monopoly '



FreshRSS for without the need to have TTRSS api plug-in.

So nice that I can finally have my feeds in my pocket with a nice, fast, RSS reader Android application.

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