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Pam Keith, a U.S. Navy veteran who ran out of Florida’s 18th Congressional District as the Democratic nominee, told The Root that Democrats should give up on working with Republicans as if they are operating in good faith and have shown that they will be as corrupt and obstructionist as Trump.



President Biden's 17 Executive Orders in Detail

This is the easy part : restoring some of the worst Trump era bad policies that were implemented but the real work, beside attempting to restore America's broken image and broken record on the worldwide stage, the real work is going to be domestic : how to effectively move away from neoliberal "free market" first dogmatic policies that hurt the majority of the American people and only serve the ultra rich, in short, systemic inequalities, built-in the US system to the point, corporations are effectively above and beyond democracies.

That's where the battle is, if Democracy is still what represents the American ideal, there is a lot of work to do and to catch-up, Europe, with all its flaws and its own kind of degenerative democracy have a decade, at most, before facing similar challenges that the US just barely resisted to. The damage done cannot be undone.


Trump Proved That Authoritarians Can Get Elected in America - The next one won't be a failure, without looking at the past failure, there is no way to avoid the next one.


My Neighbor Joined NXIVM Sex Cult; It Explains a Lot About Trump’s America

I was born and raised inside a cult (OKC for Ogyen Kunzang Choling) there is a one page explainer of how much things went wrong and the impact on countless children’s, teenagers, today adults like myself.

I have been thinking about this very subject since four years now and have sometime spoken publicly about the similarities that I lived, even if In a completely different context from OKC and the Trump cult, the gradual loss of discernment, the loyalty towards the cult even at the cost of one’s integrity, the damage it does towards families and friends, the need to cut ties and links with outsiders to cut the cognitive Dissonance alerts between what is experienced and how it should be correctly understood and what is being done, what is being made out of ordinary decent people.

I could go on for hours for each Trump speeches about how he uses gaslighting, manipulation, anger redirection, DARVO and other manipulation techniques to better dive, self harm and even collapse the entire fragile US democratic system.

There is a whole chapter that should be written about regarding algorithmic automated self radicalisation and the role YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Parler and others are being used to produce an entire generation of miseducated, bowing, serving idiots, abandoning the wheel of their own lives to a sociopath, literally throwing away discernment and critical thinking to advance a servile autocratic regime in the making before our very own eyes.

All of this is related and connected to the infodemic madness currently spreading and all of this is also connected to a deficient education system, illiteracy, lack of media literacy, ignorance about the very structure that power internet and the ad-tech Industry and of course shadow data profiles being used to target individuals at a micro level of precision, all these things won’t be solved by a tech startup or a new unicorn, this mess can only be solved through education, digital media literacy, understanding of the internet structure and what feeds the golem of our attention span.

Our Societies porosity to disinformation, fakenews, misinformation is only equal to the holes we allowed in the democratic structure, increasingly flawed, to the point of being permeable to foreign influence, to the point of self harming ourselves into a utopian nightmare under the sarcastic increasing influence of regimes that are well positioned to send our flawed democratic systems in the dustbin of history if we don’t urgently upgrade them and care about them, refounding them into what they should become to face the future and still serve future generations.

We’re loosing time.



People will always have the Right to read and write bullshit, satire, disinformation and plain junk news, that's here to stay, so the only manner for a society to be able to distinguish with discernment the difference between Knowledge, fact based, data driven information and the former is through free Education, free University, free media literacy embedded into everything we learn, as if the ability to discern information was the only guarantee for free and sane democracies.

The future will need citizens able to discern that a false argument, based on polarization and divisiveness with the potential to stir up hatred and racism pronounced by an AI deepfake is just that : a digital weapon designed to disrupt the information field

Meanwhile the US news cycle is being driven by a narcisistic ego maniac predator making decisions that have a global impact and we're supposed to watch this and go along with it from an European point of view.

While our very own copycats are already in action.

They say people prefer the original to fade copies but in the meantime, all across the planet, Trump has emboldened authoritarianism, defiance of the justice system and military response against civilian dissent in a way that will take decades to undo, if ever.

Information is important, its flow shouldn't either be regulated by the State or by for profit private corporations, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Netflix, information should be free they say but what if, it is drowned under torrents of bullshit junk news within societies that can't discern truths from lies?

What happens next?


Usbek & Rica - « QAnon » : le méta-complot ultime de l’ère Trump



And it keeps going and going..
Down the pipe of a full blown societal drift that will have global repercussions for decades to come..


There is a place on the Internet with more cats and cool Humans than the other place filled with rants, fights, battles, info wars and coordinated stalking operations.
Oh and up to now, in that corner of the internet, there isn't much conspiracies theories, isn't even a thing, People wear masks and have higher goals in life than fighting against common sense measures to fight a pandemic. Also most of them are in the fight to get ride of Trump & restore some form of sanity on every possible issues.

You're welcome to that place!

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