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Welcome to my indieweb blog, this is a place where I stock Bookmarks, Articles I'm reading or on my #readlater list, short notes and longer articles about my different interests.

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Damn, this really looks amazing !!


Unless is liberated from this takeover, freenode as we knew it for 20+ years is dead. Move your stuff


Well or , who cares?
I have and along with


My nature collection on my pixelfed instance
now also available with self hosted url shortner all posted from my self hosted blog running WithKnown POSSE`d to silo networks from the jargon and


Comment j’ai fui le flux pour retrouver ma boîte via @ploum

Intéressant dilemme que j'ai résolu d'un manière similaire, mais avec en plus, le côté qui me permet de commenter ce que je pense de cet article chez moi (si Ploum supportait indieweb sur son blog il verrait ce commentaire sous son article) par contre j'utilise beaucoup moins l'email pour échanger ou constituer une communauté de lecteurs/trices, normal vu que je n'écris pas dans ce sens, même si ça peut arriver un jour :)


Wasn't there a plugin for Known to add some custom JS code to one's blog ?


Welcome to indieweb!




Worked a bit on my WordPress site today

Just a quick note but in short, I have a WordPress running, my intention with this site/landing page is to learn to put in place & for a WordPress site but I had one constraint, I wanted to keep Elementor to design my pages, indeed I have become so much used to Elementor, it now takes me double time to work with core WordPress Gutemberg or doing page the old school approach.

After some discussion yesterday on I realized I could use a WordPress theme indieweb ready, called Autonomie (edit this post to add some links) with on top Elementor, so this is what I did today, but I'm not convinced yet, because I have issue with Author h-card not being visible for indiewebify checker tool.

I'm still messing around and thinking about how I have to correctly put this in place and then test indieauth, Micropub, Microsub from my WordPress instance.

If Elementor adds too much mess I will default to Autonomie & back to a very simple/pure/core approach to my WordPress site.