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I met the Dalaï-lama once in 2018, He isn't what most Westerners project him to be.

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I met the in 2018.
It wasn't worth it.
He lied to us all.
He only accepted to receive our group because of media pressure
He only announced he would something against inside Tibetan inspired Buddhist Centers to calm down the public opinion in the midst of the rising.
Contrary to what a lot of western folks believe, the DL doesn't consider himself omniscient, enlightened and much less perfect but that's the opposite of what you hear out of the mouth of devote Westerners completely lost in their own projection of what the DL is or isn't.
When I got out of these meeting in 2018 I decided to refrain from any criticism in the media and give him time for the DL to execute what he promised to the four of us.
A few months later it became clear that he wouldn't keep on his promise : Organizing an international meeting on Sexual Abuses inside different Buddhist lineages/schools.
This meeting announced with lots of fanfare, never enfolded, instead, like too many men's, the DL discharged the entire effort of ousting Predators from Buddhist centers onto the victims.
He went on about How victims should denounce publicly, shame the abuser, he never said, go to the police, report crimes, what he said is the same argument he has been saying for years, if not decades : Sexual Abuses are not part of any versions of Tibetan Buddhism and perpetrators should be publicly denouced, disgraced, no words about the Law, no words about the systemic aspect of sexual abuses.

I recorded this meeting and I'm going to publish it.

My motivation? I'm in court against a cult organization since 5 years now, an organization in which I was born & raised & physically abused, tortured, separated from my family, cut from affection & minimal human beings care until I was on my early 20's. More than 20 years, since it took me a decade in the early 2000's to completely get out, investigate the stories of my childhood friends, find out about numerous cases of Sexual Abuses, talk to lots of friends to investigate possible course of actions, found a lawyer for 23 civil parties, revitalized an existing 20 years long trial from the Belgian state against this organization with new testimonies & since the organization lawyers were actively using and abusing the name of the Dalaï-lama inside the court to legitimize the organization cult founder, I managed to be part of this meeting and during the meeting I showed a picture of the DL with the predator/abuser posing as "Tibetan Buddhist Lama" in 1992 in Brussels, asking him : do you know this men?

He said no. He had no idea about who that men was or at least that's what he expressed.

That's all I needed to know. But this is not the end of this story.