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Welcome to my indieweb blog, this is a place where I stock Bookmarks, Articles I'm reading or on my list, short notes and longer articles about my different interests.

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Great, now this : @YouTube broke RSS feeds again!


Wow, so @substack support RSS?! ¿¡
Had no idea!
Wondering if as paid subscriber one can also get a subscribed content RSS feed or is this just for public/free content..


Having a lot of fun with Yeoboseyo as a client to orchestrate RSS to Mastodon, FreshRSS as a backend, now I just have to star something I want to toot for it to be on the fediverse


A self-hosted RSS setup // steve gattuso

Interesting setup done the manual way.

You can Get this up and running easy by having Yunohost handling all the technical stuff if it's beyond your abilities or time.



So finding Soundcloud RSS feed is really a pain, it should not be, RSS should be provided upfront and auto-discovery provided when possible, instead I have to dig into the code and find crazy patterns to discover RSS feeds at soundcloud, so if you're having the same issue, here is how I proceeded :
See the number above ? you can inspect the code around the Profile picture of any Soundcloud user and use the number associated to the profile image to get the user ID, once you have it, place your userID this way:

But you're still confronted to another problem : Soundcloud does not add new tracks/episodes automatically to the RSS feed, you can configure it this way so that new uploads will always be part of the RSS feed but by default design, you have to specify it at each upload.


Ou peut-être une Nuit de , un podcast qui vaut de l'or, des invités hors du commun et des épisodes de qualités, les uns après les autres, je recommande vivement :


Because of the way birdsite algorithm works, no matter how many accounts you have, no matter how you configure them, who you follow, what topic you follow, what hashtags you search and your geolocation : western media content is always going to occupy the same place on your feed, also valid for Facebook, YouTube or Google News, the "news" is vastly dominated by western News content, the US election is a good example since it occupy all the feeds, all the streams everywhere, until its done but then another news bit predominatly western will take its place, its crazy if you compare it with RSS and vast collection of sources that at least covers different countries, continents, you can see that what's news in Spain or in Mali isn't considered newsworthy by big tech platforms and if you take Asia, Russia, Africa, South America for something in these places to reach the western News mainstream, it takes a lot of will and is certainly an ongoing massacre, wars, or something out of the ordinary, most of the time what's becomes Newsworthy in different mainstream western properties is not even 0.1% of what's actually enfolding in these vast areas.

It may well be an empirical impression, bias from my side but I have tried to compare and I can only reach this conclusion : western big tech + media conglomerate not only have a skewed vision of what is newsworthy abroad but they also behave like monopolies, they don't represent the global mainstream, they can't, whatever ends up in their radar is a combination of trends, machine learning and actual news, let's say an election, but these platforms are not designed to represent what's happening in any given geolocation according to objective and measurable newsworthy items.

Even the ones pretending to be Global News organization do not cover the entirety of the news spectrum from a native perspective for a global audience, it's too often, a western perspective on whatever is happening somewhere else.

I think News Media is broken, beyond repair.


Two great reader desktop app for :
Fluent Reader :
and NewsFlash :

Just wish there was multi account support !


Google and Apple's Contact-Tracing API Doesn't Work on Public Transport, Study Finds


Testing RSS bot Element/Matrix sub in my public discussion room

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