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It's been 5 years almost, 5 years keeping the flame up, 5 years my life in pause, 5 years dedicated to a 20 year long existing trial that we joined in 2016.

This is a marathon, endurance to hell is what I might have the most learned in life and right now I would give anything, anything for this to be over.


okcinfovideo - OKCinfoTube

Got peertube running on but there is a bunch of issues I have to report in the forumĀ 

- it seems main configuration cannot be saved, had to edit production.yml to force some changes I wanted to make but no matter what I do there is no way to click that save button, it stays greyed out with a red line underneath : It seems like the configuration is invalid. Please search for potential errors in the different tabs.

- Public IP of the instance is an internal docker IP, it seems this is an issue to make p2p work flawlessly :How to fix it:

  • Check the trust_proxy configuration key
  • If you run PeerTube using Docker, check you run the reverse-proxy with network_mode: "host" (see issue 1643)