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Welcome to my indieweb blog, this is a place where I stock Bookmarks, Articles I'm reading or on my list, short notes and longer articles about my different interests.

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Having a lot of fun with Yeoboseyo as a client to orchestrate RSS to Mastodon, FreshRSS as a backend, now I just have to star something I want to toot for it to be on the fediverse


Two great reader desktop app for :
Fluent Reader :
and NewsFlash :

Just wish there was multi account support !


Having the weirdest experience with FreshRSS mobile, I can connect to my FreshRSS instance just fine, I see my feeds, folders, everything seems to work regarding syncing feeds, but... When I tape on any feed, even a new feed I'm adding, I can't read the items, there is nothing to read, as if the feeds were already read previously.

I tried to change accounts, even changed phone, but the issue remain and I have no idea how that's even possible..

If I use FeedMe or another FreshRSS compatible feed reader, I can explore and read my news sources just fine..

Anyone with the same experience?

FreshRSS (Client for FreshRSS ( -


FreshRSS for without the need to have TTRSS api plug-in.

So nice that I can finally have my feeds in my pocket with a nice, fast, RSS reader Android application.

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