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Pour aider l'initiative en Justice OKCinfo dans sa nouvelle étape en France :
- Donations (pour payer nos avocats)
- Partager ce lien : (cagnotte en Français)
- Share this link : (English crowdfunding)


I followed all the tips listed on this page to try to unblock our domain at @facebook

Let's see how long it will take to even bother with a reply.

Honestly appealing anything done by automated bad corporations like Twitter or Facebook is a deaf game, there is nobody to deal with a platform that is bigger than most governments.

That's how broken the internet is in 2021


unDear @facebook

Our website domain does NOT go against community standards, let me explain why :
We, OKCinfo are a group of survivors of physical and sexual abuses that enfolded between the 70's and 2000's in a cult inspired by tibetan buddhism.

It took us 20 years to grow, leave the OKC cult, reboot our lives from scratch without the help of our parents or anyone and then find the force to go to Justice in 2016.

We created OKCinfo to denounce sexual abuses, we are part of the wider metoo movement out of religions, in this case tibetan buddhism.

By blocking our entire domain and subdomains, you are directly blocking us from communicating with the community we crafted over the last 5 years of juridical procedures.

You are blocking, the civil parties, not the predators, their website is fine on Facebook it seems, you are blocking the victims of a pedocriminal from finding the means, money among other things, to have lawyers to defend our case.

You are actively helping, abetting, a pedocriminal in his censorship of our Justice initiative.

Our website does not talk about sex, does not show nudity, does not show any of the victims actually, to protect their privacy and their identity.

if there is a post, with a word that goes against you rules, indicate the post, we will rephrase it and you will in return NOT block our entire domain.

You are behaving like 1984 nightmare, you are a corporation that use machine learning and automation to censors victims of a criminal.

You are certainly NOT helping us to connect with anyone, you are blocking us from operating normally.

You are working WITH a pedocriminal that was condemned twice by the belgian justice.

That's what you are doing and perhaps, perhaps, you should actually read this message and do something about it.

Indeed, we are opening a new juridical procedure in France, a new trial, to make sure we stop this pedocriminal, and YOU, , you are blocking us from collecting the money we need to pay our lawyers.

That's what you are doing, each and every single day that goes on with our domain blocked.

Stop being evil !


That's cool, I can now use Indigenous to specify if a post should have a content warning?


Tiens.. J'ai vu un mirage..

Il y avait écrit "Partir en Vacance"

Pendant une pandémie,
Pour la deuxième année consécutive,

Sans même parler de et ses terrasses bondées..

Sans même parler de la montée du variant

La bonne nouvelle c'est que c'est financièrement impossible..

C'était bien un mirage, à l'année prochaine ?


Are we going to live in a world governed by Annual Boosters Shots and Perpetual vaccine adaptation to be able to get ride of this virus?

Can we?


Someone should provide a service to mute big sports events for you on all your social media accounts
- pick the sports to mute, that's it.
it should work in advance of big events & proactively turn off the noise in your feed with one's ability to decide how much % you still want to get through : 0% being a total block of the signal


I'm yet to figure out how to send a campaign at a specific time slot.


Thank God for Mautic reCaptcha plug-in, I was getting tons of spam subscribers to newsletter, now I can clean two days of new fake registration and resume operations :)


I managed to have running locally just fine, but ultimately I wanted to try to package this as a cloudron app, but this code being Go & still quite in development (& beyond my know-how) I couldn't get the nginx/tls part going on a public IP server :/