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Welcome to my indieweb blog, this is a place where I stock Bookmarks, Articles I'm reading or on my list, short notes and longer articles about my different interests.

Looking for a new challenge | Info Aggregation, Monitoring Disinformation,Veille |
Twitter bots 4 Good | Interest in Politics, Technology
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There will be books about how people survived the pandemic + whatever was already in their life plate and I'm going to write one of them.
I'm still busy with and from the looks of it, it's going to rain big time!


Did a Linktree for

Mainly to avoid Facebook domain ban...


It's been 5 years almost, 5 years keeping the flame up, 5 years my life in pause, 5 years dedicated to a 20 year long existing trial that we joined in 2016.

This is a marathon, endurance to hell is what I might have the most learned in life and right now I would give anything, anything for this to be over.

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