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Welcome to my indieweb blog, this is a place where I stock Bookmarks, Articles I'm reading or on my list, short notes and longer articles about my different interests.

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Heh this is cool :

A simple multiplatform CLI network file transfer tool


An investigative journalist exposes the many holes in today’s bestselling behavioral science, and argues that the trendy, TED-Talk-friendly psychological interventions that are so in vogue at the moment will never be enough to truly address social injustice and inequality.

With their viral TED talks, bestselling books, and counter-intuitive remedies for complicated problems, psychologists and other social scientists have become the reigning thinkers of our time. Grit and “power posing” promised to help overcome entrenched inequalities in schools and the workplace; the Army spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a positive psychology intervention geared at preventing PTSD in its combat soldiers; and the implicit association test swept the nation on the strength of the claim that it can reveal unconscious biases and reduce racism in police departments and human resources departments.

But what if much of the science underlying these blockbuster ideas is dubious or fallacious? What if Americans’ longstanding preference for simplistic self-help platitudes is exerting a pernicious influence on the way behavioral science is communicated and even funded, leading respected academics and the media astray?

In The Quick Fix, Jesse Singal examines the most influential ideas of recent decades and the shaky science that supports them. He begins with the California legislator who introduced self-esteem into classrooms around the country in the 1980s and the Princeton political scientist who warned of an epidemic of youthful “superpredators” in the 1990s. In both cases, a much-touted idea had little basis in reality, but had a massive impact. Turning toward the explosive popularity of 21st-century social psychology, Singal examines the misleading appeal of entertaining lab results and critiques the idea that subtle unconscious cues shape our behavior. As he shows, today’s popular behavioral science emphasizes repairing, improving, and optimizing individuals rather than truly understanding and confronting the larger structural forces that drive social ills.

Like Anand Giridharadas’s Winners Take All, The Quick Fix is a fresh and powerful indictment of the thought leaders and influencers who cut corners as they sell the public half-baked solutions to problems that deserve more serious treatment.


[Now in Alpha] Ethereum World is a new community-governed social network dedicated to the Ethereum community. Its goal is to unify the ecosystem and become the coolest home of Mind for Ethereum!



Just switched to Arch based Manjaro, feels good to land on a fresh system where everything is working by default.

I just had to build Mullvad VPN app from AUR


Blessing rsync -avr --info=progress2 /source/ /destination/
Gives me ETA for the operation, size, how much it synced, percentage progress, speed and time :)


When corporations are the gate keepers of information we enter an era where multiple "realities" can coexist, hermetically isolated from one another, the perfect recipe to have utterly different views of History, crucial element to sow conflicts in the short and long term.

Tienanmen Square. Microsoft blamed an "accidental human error" for its Bing search engine not showing image results for the query "Tank Man".

Imagine the nightmare of being served different versions of History based on beliefs, government imposed reading of events, social peers influence and of course algorithms tuned to serve the best version of an event compatible to you = fragmentation of reality leads to chaos


l'Affaire OKC-Spatz, en appel en Belgique après la condamnation du 2 décembre 2020 par la cour de Liège, se déplace en France :

Le disciple d'un gourou New Age mis en examen pour des agressions sexuelles sur huit victimes


The resignation FAQ, or: "what the fuck is going on?"


Do you know is behind almost 40% of websites on the internet ?

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