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SomaFM Fluid station is really really cool, have been listening it for a few days, not sure why but the music is matching my current mood more than anything else I could listen :)


The first part of the panel on abuse, “Speaking As, With, and For Survivors”, is now online:
Note what the lawyer Carol Merchasin says: Companies do a far better job in addressing sexual misconduct than Buddhists, »because they understand the law, and they have a healthy fear of the law. Religious organizations often don’t have any idea of what the law is and too many leaders in Buddhist communities either are ignorant of it completely or don’t believe that it applies to them, but it does!« (minute 46:25)


Une augmentation de 200% de tentative d'accéder à l'interface admin de en se connectant avec "admin" (qui n'existe pas) je vous vois bande d'imbécile !


Une enfance sous emprise, un bout de mon histoire, qui permet de comprendre la dérive sectaire Ogyen Kunzang Choling présente en Belgique, France, Espagne.


New domain to go around Facebook censorship of the Justice initiative OKCinfo


Nothing matter anymore, until Jon Stewart is back !


The Problem With Jon Stewart | The Problem With Dicks In Space


Crazy stuff : The Uncensored Library


Blocked Domain @facebook and support handling

This is "James" at Facebook :

"I am following up on your case regarding blocked domain. Our internal team is still diligently working on the matter as we know that this is utterly important. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by this delay. Please know that we are working towards a viable resolution. Kindly expect a response in the next 24-48 business hours.

So that's it pretty much, every few days, 24-48h Facebook support adds time to the opened ticket and in the entire year this issue has been enfolding, at no point in time, the automated pseudo Names used to pose as real human beings supposedly taking care of this blanket domain ban, as replied on the actual issue at stake, the website of civil parties being banned from the platform.

After the quote above comes a "real time" chat support that isn't real time and isn't about support.

This is automated governance at its finest with avatars posing as humans that are supposedly taking care of human arguments without ever replying even once, on the context, that's how "intelligent" Facebook support is.

If you know me you might ask, why are you even on Facebook? Great question!

I launched OKCinfo in 2015, as a platform to connect victims of abuses from the OKC-Spatz sectarian drift, the only way i could connect to all the potential victims and ex adepts of the cult was through Facebook, this is the only reason I'm still on that platform after everything that is known about Facebook complicity in destroying democracies, empowering online extremism and facilitating rogue governments targeting of activists and journalists.

I know exactly where I'm and for now, until this trial is over, we're going to keep using this toxic platform until trials are done.

Yes it's a compromise.


J'ai l'impression que si on fait pas une mise à jour des systèmes d'éducation, des systèmes politique et de gouvernance, bref de tout.. On va créer une génération qui ne saura pas interprèter le monde qui l'entoure.. C'est peut-être déjà le cas..

Les révolutions ne mènent nulle part, on est plus au siècle passé, toutes les pseudo revolutions qui se sont déroulées depuis une vingtaine d'années n'ont fait que tourner en rond et mis en place des régimes qui n'ont rien à voir avec des démocraties, même dégénératives.

C'est peut-être une évolution qu'il nous faut afin d'éviter des révolutions.