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The Problem with Pema Chödrön / #Trungpa #Shambhala

This is about Trungpa/Shambhala, not Spatz/OKC but this bit about children touch a cord, here the "caregiver" can be both our "educators" inside the cult but also Spatz himself, up to the point of calling him "Dad" when we where teenagers in direct contact with him.

[Disorganized attachment] responses occur when a child has been in a situation of fright without solution. Their caregiver is at once the safe haven and also the source of threat or alarm. So, when the child feels threatened by the caregiver, he or she is caught in an impossible situation: both comfort and threat are represented by the same person –the caregiver. The child experiences the unresolvable paradox of seeking to simultaneously flee from and approach the caregiver. This happens at a biological level, not thought out or conscious, but as evolved behavior to fear. The child attempts to run TO and flee FROM the caregiver at one and the same time… However, in most cases the need for proximity — for physical closeness — tends to override attempts to avoid the fear-arousing caregiver. So usually the child stays close to the frightening parent while internally both their withdrawal and approach systems are simultaneously activated, and in conflict. — Stein, loc 894–90