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President Biden's 17 Executive Orders in Detail

This is the easy part : restoring some of the worst Trump era bad policies that were implemented but the real work, beside attempting to restore America's broken image and broken record on the worldwide stage, the real work is going to be domestic : how to effectively move away from neoliberal "free market" first dogmatic policies that hurt the majority of the American people and only serve the ultra rich, in short, systemic inequalities, built-in the US system to the point, corporations are effectively above and beyond democracies.

That's where the battle is, if Democracy is still what represents the American ideal, there is a lot of work to do and to catch-up, Europe, with all its flaws and its own kind of degenerative democracy have a decade, at most, before facing similar challenges that the US just barely resisted to. The damage done cannot be undone.

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