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I don't think browsers should become operating systems for the web but something I would like to have integrated beyond an extension would be cookie rejection/acceptance policy management on the local browser valid for every website unless local rules can't be matched, this should be the only time people would have to choose to reject or accept cookies or whatever comes next.

I should be able to configure my browser to reject third party tracking or even stricter policies locally and have this applied across my entire web journey, without having to see once gigantic modal pop-ups on mobile or desktop asking me what to do without actually giving me the hand on the data collection.

Most websites split their collection in basic versus marketing or full data collection / tracking, often hiding the reject everything behind numerous clicks, this behavior by design should be forbidden, should be considered a privacy infringement by default and people should be allowed to define this globally, without having to specify for every links they click.

The web in 2021 is ugly but it can still be fixed.