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Ricardo Mendes

Switchblade Systems - M7 #livestream

The M7 is an 8" x 6" x 13" power house at the most competitive price on the market.

Running vMix HD or 4K and available in combinations of SDI, HDMI, and POE for 4K NDI configurations the M7 is perfect for fixed installations or on the go. Capable of switching, recording, multicording, streaming, graphics, virtual sets, remote callers, and NDI I/O.

Also available with NewBlue FX for graphics, Playout, Editing, and Dataton Watchout for multi display/projector blending, or all of the above on the same system.

If you are on the go add the stylish Switchblade Bag to stow your M7, screens, and cameras, making loadin and loadout a breeze.


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